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French Cameroonian born, Australia-based, Charly Templar is a professional DJ, teacher and youth mentor rooted in the humanitarian purpose of assisting and empowering under-privileged people. After touring the world DJing, he is currently based in Darwin, Australia and working on new mashups and mixtapes featuring some of Australia's dopest HipHop bands, MC's and new mixes from The EOP, MCD and more..


- CHRIS BROWN vs BIEBER vs FLORIDA vs JET SET-Yeah my baby is sugar (Charly Templar - mashup)
- Snoop/Werrason/Beyonce/Bana C4/Akon/J Matador - African dance (Charly Templar-mashup)
- Rihanna - only girl slipping in Berlin (Charly Templar - Mashup)
- Flo Rida Feat David G - Club can't handle (Charly Templar mashup)
- Far East Movement - Like a G6 remix (Charly Templar mashup)
- Eminem & Rihanna - Luv the way u loose yourself (Charly T Mashup)
- 2NE1 - fire (Krazy RmX by Charly Templar - Mashup)
- Drake Feat Wayne and Bob Marley - Forever (Charly Templar mashup)
- Black Eyed Peas vs KEYSHA-Goodlife Boom (Charly Templar mashup)
- Thaitanium Feat Bank C - Long Loey (Charly Templar - Mashup)
- Space Alienography Mix & Back to School Mixtapes ft. Quartz C, The EOP, MCD & Chase Los Angeles, Blac Jinn and Robo Indiaz Brit

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